Friday, 23 June 2017

Why should you hire a freelance web designer?

Hiring a freelance web designer comes with a fair set of advantages over hiring agencies that use traditional strategies for completing the task assigned. One of the most prominent advantages of hiring a freelancer for designing your website would be the cheap cost. No doubt, one can find plenty of skilled web designers available online. However, the benefits of hiring a freelancer are not just limited to lower costs.

There are several other pros of hiring a freelance web designer that are summed up as follows:

1. Agencies often keep low-budget clients waiting in line.
Web development companies often get high paying clients and as a result, they give little or no importance to clients who want work to be done in a budget. On the other hand, emerging freelancers may be very skilled and yet do not have big shot clients. Hence, they are willing to take up projects and complete tasks as per your requirement.

2. Flexibility
Freelancers are more flexible when it comes to their work as they are willing to make changes to the project assigned. Most importantly, you can have a personal touch with them, since you are dealing with only one person for your task to be completed. This, otherwise, wouldn’t be possible in the case of agencies. Working with a freelancer facilitates an effective flow of communication.

3. Freelancers are more concerned with their quality of work
Well, it is true that freelancers are actually concerned about the quality of work they do for their clients. The websites they design for you is counted as their work which adds value to their portfolio. Thus, they are willing to put their best foot forward when it comes to website design and development.

4. Cost-saving
Yes, we have mentioned this point above. But, stressing on this particular point is essential here because several small agencies actually outsource their work from freelancers. It would be a better decision if you directly hire a freelancer because that would ultimately result in lower costs.

5. Freelancers accustom themselves with the latest technology
Whenever a new technology hits the digital market, freelancers make sure that they familiarize themselves with the same (Example, Responsive web design). They have to do it in order to keep themselves updated with the changing trends and remain in demand. This acts in your favor because you don’t want to hire agencies that practice traditional web designing methods, which means slower and less efficient work.  Here you can check out what a professional freelance web designer portfolio website looks like,


Freelancers can get playful and experimental in their work, whereas agencies only focus on getting the work done. While freelancers put in their passion into the work, this factor will most probably be missing when you get your website designed by an agency. To say it all, a freelancer will get your work done in almost half the amount an agency will charge you for the same.

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